Bachelorette Weekend in McCall

Kristin's Bachelorette Weekend in McCall, Idaho

Oh my goodness can I just say how amazing is a few nights away to refresh those batteries?!? I spent the weekend in McCall, Idaho with some amazing women and we had the best time! I think it's really important as a mom and wife to take some time for yourself and really give yourself a break from the every day hustle and grind. Most of my days if I'm not physically exhausted by my children/house duties I am emotionally and mentally exhausted by my every day work life (which I love) but it's still takes a toll to stare at a computer all day and always be on the go especially when you are self employed I feel as if every activity or moment in my day is filled with business and how to grow/improve/being available 24/7 for new business...etc

SO a weekend away was just what the doctor ordered!

Kristin is my cousin by blood but sister by choice - we grew up like sisters being with each other alll the time. We have had our fair share of ups and downs in our relationship but ultimately came out on top with how much we love each other. She has been there for me through every high and low in my life and I am so grateful for her love and friendship.

We stayed in the cutest little cabin in McCall called the 'Tree house' House! The full bride-tribe was there including Kristin, Randi, Layne, Kacy and Me! We have all hangout a few times before at Zach and Kristin's events but I never really got to know the other girls on a personal level. So this trip was super special because we all got to bond and ended up having an amazing time together and I now consider them all friends <3 

Bachelorette Weekend in McCall
Bachelorette Weekend in McCall

We hiked to the hot springs, went snow shoeing hot tubbing, played card games, went to a fancy dinner and I had my first alcoholic beverage in a LONG time so I was feeling pretty sassy by the end of the evening haha! All in all the weekend was a complete success and I can't wait to get together with these ladies again! 

Bachelorette Weekend in McCall

Zach is an amazing fit for Kristin in every aspect, I thank God he gave him to her because she deserves the world and I can't wait to see their life together unfold!

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