Empty House Photoshoot

Empty House Photoshoot
We are coming up on almost 1 full year of selling our first home we had together as a family!

This home has so many memories and is truly the sanctuary that built the foundation of the relationship my husband and I have. It was a safe haven for many different moments I just needed “home”.

You know that feeling? The complete comfort and love – the world could be on fire and you would still feel safe as long as you were inside. You could have the worst day ever and the moment you walk inside – it’s all okay.

You housed some pretty big moments that changed my life.

Justin kissed me for the first time in that house. We fell in love over many nights of Harry Potter marathons.

He proposed to me and Sophia in that living room.


We brought home our son from the hospital to that house and spent those extremely trying emotional first few weeks recovering.

I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you and I still go out of my way to drive by you when I’m on that side of town – and probably always will.

We out grew you little heaven, but I’ve realized it wasn’t just these walls that made it home – it was them <3

A huge thank you to one of my bestest friends Jasmine for capturing our last few hours in the home!

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