Oregon Coast Vacation – 2017

Oregon Coast Vacation - 2017

My Favorite place in the world (so far)

I don't know if it's because my family took us here all the time as we were kids. But I fell in the love with the trees, the smell of salty air and fresh caught fish, the sunsets over the sea, the atmosphere - just everything about the coast!

I make my husband take me and the kids here as often as we can, if I had it my way we would buy a little house along the beach or in the woods in the Coos Bay area - so that is on my bucket list and I am determined to make the dream a reality, one day. This trip was short one, but so worth it. We drove down to Newport and stayed at the Chinook Winds, I messed up in reserving the room and thought I booked a double queen bed room but it ended up being a single queen and the room was extremely tiny - normally that would never be a big issue because how often are you in the room anyways?! But - with 2 children and 1 being under 2 it wasn't ideal as during down time he wanted space to run around and all 4 of us sleeping in a queen was absolutely comical. We only had a few injuries (see video above on that haha!).

Oregon Coast Vacation - 2017

I fell in LOVE with waffles for the very first time at their ocean view restaurant. We will stay at this hotel again specifically for the their breakfast waffles! Lol

Oregon Coast Vacation - 2017

Seeing your kids look at the ocean for the first time is an amazing experience as a parent, it was Rocky's first time seeing the ocean. He was at the coast when he was 2 months old but of course wasn't really awake or old enough to really enjoy it or play in the sand.

I love to see my kids laughing and running around so watching them play in the sand and chasing waves made for an amazing afternoon.

We stayed here for 2 nights and then hit the Pacific Coast highway down to Coquille, OR to visit my Grandpa. We try to make it to Coquille at LEAST once a year, we don't see him as often as I wish we could. They used to travel to Idaho once a year but as they got older they haven't been able to make the drive for the last 5 years or so. We usually go around Thanksgiving time but we were able to sneak a trip in right before Halloween and I jumped on it!

It's so wonderful to be able to see my kids interact with their great grandparents - obviously Sophia enjoyed it more than Rocky haha!

My grandpa was convinced growing up he would never live old enough to meet a grandchild let alone a great grandchild! Apparently Lyman med died young before him - he's obviously exceeded his own life expectancy haha 😉

Unfortunately we only had 1 night in Coquille/Coos bay area and had to start heading back to Idaho, it's never easy leaving but I know we will be back and can't wait to put another trip on the calendar to look forward to! Maybe I can talk Justin into taking me for my Birthday 😉

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