The Flu and Birthday – Hooray!

Oh man, this last week has been rough.

The whole family got hit hard with the flu and it seems to be making a sweet home inside of our immune systems and doesn't want to leave. I don't remember a time when I had felt this horrible from a flu. The body aches were so bad I had to take scolding hot baths every few hours to just get some relief. The fevers, chills, vomiting and some other unpleasant bodily functions we don't need to mention were just all around horrible!

I know I know complaining much??! 😉


The Flu and Birthday - Hooray!

Both kids have been vomiting non stop, on and off fevers and just all around lethargic and miserable. It's one thing to be sick yourself, but to see your children sick and not being able to take care of them the way you need to when you are just so miserable yourself is very hard. Thankfully our parents have been able to help with the kids while we ourselves get some rest here and there - we are very lucky to have the help when needed most. I truly don't know how we would do it without all of them!

Birthday Boy!

Unfortunately the flu came at a terrible time - Justin was supposed to leave this weekend with the guys to Portland for Zach's bachelor party. I was going to drive to Portland Sunday and pick him up and take him to the Oregon Coast for a few days for his birthday. But due to recent events we had to cancel all plans 🙁

We are super bummed because we've had these plans for months but we need to take care of ourselves and kids first, we will definitely have to have a redo trip very soon!

But enough of the pity party already amIright?! haha!

The Flu and Birthday - Hooray!

It's this wonderful mans birthday today!! I am so incredibly lucky to call him mine and don't know how I got so lucky to be his wife. He treats me like a queen and is the best father in the whole wide world. I thank God for him every single morning and night, and even though we are sick for your birthday I hope you have the best day! I promise we will make it up when we are better <3

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